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Pure in water

We build water treatment systems.

Rook South-America
in short

Rook South-America B.V. is a full subsidiary of the Rook Group. We are dedicated to serving the water market across South America. Our focus lies in process design and the manufacturing and construction of drinking water and industrial water treatment plants. The design and manufacturing takes place at out sister company, Rook Pijpleidingbouw, located at Sint Jansklooster, the Netherlands. Construction is completed with the assistance of our sister company Hydrolink Solutions, based in Paramaribo, Suriname.

Our enthusiastic team consists of more than 30 experienced professionals in the Netherlands and 10 professionals in Suriname. We manage both large and small projects for the drinking water and (waste) water industries. We have in-house expertise in all required disciplines and we have our own production facilities and earthmoving machinery. This means you can fully outsource your project to us and we will deliver a comprehensive A to Z solution.

Rook Group: Water is our passion!

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